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Monday, March 16, 2015

2.6 - Time Marches On

Time is relative, right?   For me, Esmeralda's pregnancy was flying by. For her, she felt like time was passing normal.  She enjoyed being pregnant, despite the bouts of morning sickness.

As I saw Esmeralda's belly grow bigger and bigger, my world got smaller and smaller. Though I had said I was used to the idea of a baby, there were times I still worried I was in way over my head.

I spoke to Dad a few times and he felt the same way at the beginning.  He taught me a few tricks he learned, so I tried them too.

One trick was to take time to relax outside.  So, I'd go out early in the morning to fish.  

That didn't always work, though.  Sometimes those bigger fish were on the other side of the lake.

If fishing didn't help, then I'd take my jet pack out to an open area.  The wind through my hair always made everything fall into place.

Unless that place was the ground.  Things fell apart when you hit the ground.

One day, when I returned back from "destressing", Es had a suggestion.  Maybe feeling the baby move would help.

That's when I finally felt the kick.  It was real. Very real.

Suddenly, I had a lot to say.  It was almost like talking to a therapist.

Life after that slowed down, which I found strange.  I wanted to see this little one I kept talking to.  To see their ten little toes and ten little fingers.  What color hair did they have?  What color eyes?  Who's nose did they have?  

So, as I waited to have my questions answered, my thoughts turned to my second alien book. The Forgotten Son had been published a few months before, so the thought of a new book excited me. Ghint's story seemed true, but I had no way to corroborate it. Let's face it, as much as people said they went into the future or said they died and ambrosia brought them back, you still had to be careful.  So, I took the foreign folder to the science building.

They analyzed everything.  After a few days of waiting, they called to say they could confirm the folder and its contents matched multiple other items they knew were from confirmed alien encounters.  Though, they could not match all the figures and facts (not enough data on our side), much of it did line up with what they knew.  

So, after that, I felt relieved.  Fear and excitement welled up inside of me and adrenaline pumped through my veins.  The perceptive side of me just knew this would be an adventure and I couldn't wait!   

Ok, ok, let's stop for a moment. This is older London here. In these memoirs that I'm writing, I want to do my best to help you understand where I was coming from at that time.  Therefore, I took an excerpt from my journal, I mean, to help you out. 

Ok, so older London here again.  It was a little personal to share that, but I hope I've helped shed some light on my inner thoughts at the time.  Now, back to my regular life programming.


So, once the alien documentation reinforced my first gut reaction about Ghint's story, I felt free to begin working on the book. However, I couldn't finish it until Ghint took me to his planet.  For the time being, I cheerfully wrote the information from the folder and included some pictures.  

Once I finished what I could with that, I turned my attention to a mystery novel that I'd been mulling over.  It would be called Whodunit in Roaring Heights and would involve many cleverly named characters, a dinner, a singing telegram, a police officer, a few dead people, a butler, and several different endings to the story.

Shortly after I came up with that iffy idea, Es went into labor. The time had finally come to meet our new little one.

Welcome to the world, Juliana Evette Ramsey!

I couldn't get enough of her friendly nature.  She loved cuddling!

The swing became her favorite spot.

Her arms would move as if she were dancing in her seat. Maybe she'd grow up to be a dancer or a painter.  Who knew with the way her arms flailed about.

She did cry a lot.  I'm not sure why.  

I loved my little Juliana, but sometimes, her crying made me a grumpy London.

Dirty diapers frequently occurred.  Yay.

"There you go, sweetie.  All clean," Esmeralda cooed at Juliana after another diaper session.

Bonehilda at work.  I think it might be time for a plumbot.  I've heard they actually do their job.

During the day, Esmeralda watched Juliana and tended to her.  At night, it was Daddy duty as Es concentrated on her career.  If Es needed to go into town to work on an album during the day, then I'd take care of the sweet pea and Es could leave.  I loved the flexibility we had!

Shhh...Juliana is finally sleeping.  Time for us to go to bed, too.

The swing ensured our many sleep filled nights.  Every once in awhile, though, cries could be heard in the middle of the night. Then, you'd better watch out.

Sleep deprivation could be dangerous, folks.

Overall, though, we loved that adorable Juliana.  Play time with Daddy!

Her birthday appeared out of nowhere.  Time to lock the cabinets, put all things knee high away and have someone constantly watching the cute monster.  Ready or not, here comes toddler Juliana!

Grandpa Scot's hair!  The eyes we couldn't figure out.  They were almost a mix of Esmeralda and I's.  Maybe they went back another generation.  

It didn't matter.  Juliana Evette sparkled like the snow on a sunny day.

At the time, I had never considered myself out of shape or old.  I worked out every day and kept myself up physically. Once I finished playing with Juliana, though, my fatigue rose to new heights. Tornadoes were less exhausting.

Once she learned to talk, nothing could stop her.

"Bo-i-da-uh sary," she'd say. Yeah, for a little one, I guess Bonehilda is scary. Thankfully, Bonehilda never took offense.

Potty time progressed quickly.

In fact, she enjoyed humming while sitting. Oooh, maybe she'll be a musician like her mommy.

Then, again.....maybe not...

She definitely enjoyed food time.  Maybe she'd be a chef.

Yeah, it was definitely time for a plumbot.  

"Bonehilda strong!"

Caitlin flew into town and threw a party.  They announced their pregnancy!  My excitement for them amplified more now that I was a parent.

That is until Juliana cried and cried after we arrived at the party.

"Sorry, everyone.  This is her first time away from home," Esmeralda said.

Every time we would give her away to someone, she'd start the incessant crying.  She only wanted Mommy who couldn't hold her all night.

We almost went home.  Even Es struggled.

Then, suddenly a fairy appeared.  Juliana stared at her, enraptured.  The tears stopped immediately and she didn't cry the rest of the evening.

Everyone talked and chatted away.  The party went uphill after that.

"Who is the fairy?" Mom asked Caitlin. 

"I have no idea, but I'll make sure to invite her to every party if Juliana is coming."  They laughed.

"So, that's what I have to look forward to," Felix said as he looked at Juliana.

"Yeah, it's fun and I love it, but sometimes, as you can see," I admitted as I rubbed my head, "it can cause headaches."

We sorely missed my other two sisters, Lynelle and Sophia, but I knew they were not in town and had other obligations.

"...and then, she said, 'Dadda'.  Felix, it was priceless!"

"Man, that's awesome!  I can't wait for our little one to say my name either!"

"Don't worry!  It'll come soon.  Oh, and I was a.....well, a bit overwhelmed before Juliana came.  Sometimes talking to my Dad helped.  So, if you have any questions or just want to hang, let me know.  I'm only a yard away."

"Thanks, man!  I appreciate it!"

"Es!  Es!  Look! Juliana is walking!"

"No way!  Where's my camera?"

Caitlin and Gertrude snickered at something.  Gertrude worked with Caitlin as a roadie and they'd become good friends.  Also, I'm showing off one of my many videos recording Juliana doing something obviously spectacular.

Now that Juliana has learned to walk, she sneaked around to find Grandma.

Mom may be getting older, but she still was in great shape. She made sure to take care of herself.  Juliana didn't stray far from Grandma the rest of the night.

Tickle time!

"So, Son, now that Juliana is older, when is she going to have a baby brother or sister?"

"Dad!" I yelled.  Felix and Caitlin just snickered.  They were already pregnant, so they got out of questions like that.  Oh, where was Sophia and Lynelle.

The end of the night closed with an old school cheer from Mom.  She still had the moves.

Here's a picture of Morgan, Cait and Felix's little dog.

Later that night, while Juliana slept peacefully in her bed, Es and I got into bed.

"London, I know it may be too soon to ask this, but I think I'm ready for another baby."

"Me too!  That's kind of funny.  After my conversation with Felix, I decided if you were ready then I was ready."


And try for a baby we did...

The next morning, Juliana wondered around. Her mission:  find Mommy.


"Hi, baby! Did you want me to read you a story?"

"I not baby!  Story, pwease."

"There once was a princess named Juliana..."

"Juiana. Me!"

Frustrations are bound to happen to little ones.

Chewing always seems to make them better.

We knew what this meant!  Yay!


"Dino peak-a-boo!"

"All done."

I loved seeing Juliana cuddling with her bear.  

It reminded me of my younger days cuddling with my friend Peep.

Esmeralda told me her pregnancy news and I was pumped!  I had this under my belt.  I could do this!

Without even thinking, I felt her belly. 

She smiled as she looked down.  My enthusiasm this time around probably had her confused. 

I must have done something right because she dragged me into the new contraption I had bought for her.

The bot building station gave Es something to do in her spare time.  We didn't dislike Bonehilda.  She had provided and cared for us a long time.  However, she was getting old. Parts were harder to find.  We needed to upgrade.

Juliana wanted out from her crib.  Es had left for the studio and I needed to finish a chapter for my publishers.  

Thankfully, Es quickly and successfully made a new bot.  

Introducing Mrs Brown!!

Juliana loves her shine.

We visited Esmeralda's parents.  We hadn't seen them in awhile since they kept vacationing around the world.  While they visited us when they were in town, we didn't always talk a lot when they were out of town.  

So, they invited us to stay for a little while, enjoy the pool and catch up.  While we were there, we shared the good news! Esmeralda lovingly rubbed her belly. She loved being pregnant!  This time, the morning sickness wasn't as bad.  I think she enjoyed the pregnancy more.

Honestly, I have no idea what occurred here.  Scot must have said or did something to make the women upset. Justine, Es and Sophie sure gave him some nasty looks while Lynelle didn't seem to have an opinion.  

Juliana had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa Macklamoor's.  (I think the fairy may have been around somewhere.)

Esmeralda had to leave in the middle of the party.  She was meeting a co-worker for lunch.  Her friend was none other than Judy Rodgers.

Sadly, Es had to watch the passing of Judy.

"This can't be happening.  I'm going to try and beg for your life, Judy.  I can't go on without your help!"

"No, Esmeralda.  I'm ready for this.  You have been preparing for years to get where you are today. Be confident! Be strong!  You're very talented and you can do this!" Judy turns to the Reaper.  "I'm ready now."


She disappeared as quickly as she had turned into a ghost. Esmeralda was heartbroken.

She would always remember Judy Rodgers and what happened there that day.  

In the days that followed, grief would overcome her.

Music helped soothe her aching heart.

I tried to help cheer her up as best I could.  I can't imagine witnessing a friend's death.  

She even spent time rocking Juliana. However, as they both grew bigger, it was tough to hold Juliana for long.  Plus, Juliana kept declaring she was a big girl and didn't need to be held.

I knew Mom was pretty upset as well.  Judy and her had been best friends.  She'd never forget when Judy befriended her at the park when Mom first arrived in town.

Before I knew it, Es was in labor again.  This time with our second child.

"London, honey, freaking out isn't helping!"

Thankfully, Mrs Brown helped occupy dear Juliana as her brother or sister made their way into the world.

Welcome Sasha Noelle Ramsey!!

*lovesstorms' notes*

This was more of a light hearted chapter.  I'm still waiting on my computer to get upgraded, so I just used pictures I had. Though, I did end up going in game for the few pics near the end.  I couldn't be patient and wait for the 2nd baby.  I just had to know whether it was a boy or girl.  I am not afraid to admit, I was slightly disappointed.  It's ok, though.  I didn't want to mess with what is meant to be.  Of course, now I'll have to try again. ;)

Hopefully, you also got a little more understanding as to what's going on in London's head.  Granted, I'm not the greatest at character development, but I try.  Suffice it to say, he's excited about what lies ahead, even if he's slightly scared, too.  

Shockingly, I didn't have one single pose, which I enjoyed immensely.  They can be so much work.  I hope to not need them as much in future chatpers.  It isn't as enjoyable for me when I do so many.  It takes forever, the game freezes in the middle of it, then crashes.  The upgrade will help, but I may just start getting more creative with my pics.  :))  It was a lot of fun to get back to the Ramsey family again. 

I've been working hard on another project, too.  You can find it on the side.  It's called "There Goes the Neighborhood" and it's more of a 3rd person omniscient story based in Sims 4.  

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!
:) :( ;) :D :-/ :x :P :-* =(( :-O X( :7 B-) #:-S :(( :)) =)) :-B :-c :)] ~X( :-h I-) =D7 @-) :-w 7:P 2):) :!! \m/ :-q :-bd ^#(^


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