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Sunday, September 21, 2014

2.2 - The Blue Life

It's funny how life changes once you move out of your parent's house.  I mean, at times, it was chaotic at home and I'd get tired of it.  I was constantly taking the twins to practice, school, basically, wherever they wanted since Mom and Dad were so busy.  However, now that I was away from it, I felt completely alone.

Of course, the loneliness didn't come quickly.  In fact, I relished being alone at first.  It was quiet when I walked in the door.

I could make whatever I wanted for dinner.

I could concentrate on my writing and even accomplish my goals without getting interrupted.

I could even work late into the night and sleep in the next morning.

Conversations with Esmeralda on the phone were awesome since I did not get the kissy noises around me or someone saying, "Awe!".  However, she worked a lot and we rarely saw each other.

Oh, and I could even plug up the toilet without anyone making a disgusting noise or making fun of me.

However, all these bright moments eventually dulled and I felt alone.  I missed my family or at least someone else around.  I decided I needed to take a trip.  I needed inspiration and a new perspective, perhaps.

So, I booked a flight to Egypt.  I enjoyed travelling and it sounded like an intriguing place.  I packed my bags and left immediately.  I loved keeping my own work hours, so I could do things, like this, spur of the moment.

I arrived in Al Simhara, Egypt the next day and I was exhausted.  Jet lag must have done something to my brain because soon enough I'd pulled out my piano and my fingers started playing the blues.

The music seemed to soothe my soul, so I played until dusk.  It seemed I was popular as I had quite a few people stopping by.  I ignored them, though.

The next morning, I wanted to do some exploring.  So, I quickly got dressed and ate breakfast.  The food there was a little strange or something as I almost choked on it.  

I almost stepped on this Indian Roofed Turtle as I walked across the yard to wash my dishes.  I wanted to keep it, but decided I'd better leave it in the wild.

As I was getting ready to look at the adventure board, I received a phone call from a Ahmed Diab who was from the adventure company I had signed up with moments after arriving.  It seemed he had an adventure for me already.

I did go there for adventures, so I left to get some supplies at the market and set out to get my first assignment.

I found Ahmed just outside of town.  He explained he was from MorcuCorp, a company who specialized in archaeology to help find anything old including fossils, pottery, bowls, arrow heads, buildings, art (yes, people have buried their art), and they also help to translate hieroglyphics. 

There were some old documents buried in a tomb here that the company had just found out about.  They needed an explorer to search the Tomb of Discover, find them and return them.  I would be paid well if I could find them within 3 days.  It seemed to be an easy enough job, finding documents and returning them.  So, I agreed.

As I made my way to the Tomb of Discover, I thought about how much I was enjoying myself.  I'm not sure I'd had this much fun before.  I knew I needed to do this again. 

Once I was in the tomb, I was a little intimidated.  The place was massive and not a soul was around.  I had also wondered if I'd ever find these papers.  I started working my way through the tomb and only stopped to take a break to eat.

I walked through a maze of corridors and came to a dead end with a door.  Then, I thought I heard something...

My heart pounded in my ears as I looked around.  I listened closely, barely breathing, but nothing seemed out of place.  Finally, my fear subsided as I never heard the noise again.  So I continued on.

I found the papers after going deep into the tunnels.  Surprisingly, there was a secret door near the treasure chest.  It led to where I first began.  If only I'd known it was there originally.  It would have saved me some time and work.  

Once out of the tomb, I delivered the papers to Ahmed.

After that, I felt like going back to camp.  I ended up just playing the blues again.  I don't know what it was about them, but it made me feel better.

The next day, I felt ready to face the world again.  I checked the board for a new adventure as soon as I'd showered and eaten breakfast.  

The new assignment was to find old turquoise around the area.  I enjoyed the hunt for the blue stone as I watched the beautiful scenery pass me by.  

I found the three pieces I needed fairly quickly and delivered them to my contact.  Shortly after, it was time to go.  I was sad to leave, but I knew I'd be back one day to visit this breathtaking paradise!


Life as a writer may seem boring to most, but not to me.   I knew I'd wanted to join the writing career before I'd finished high school.  So, it was no surprise to me that after writing two books, my career was really taking off.  The best part:  I was enjoying every minute of it. 

I had to laugh at the strange ways I'd get inspired, though.  Like, the one morning I woke up from a strange dream.  

I got out of bed and stretched a bit.  A yawn began forming before I could even stop it.

An idea started rattling around in my head while I took a shower.  I decided to skip breakfast and start writing my thoughts down before I forgot them.

After a few hours, I stopped for a break.  I thought I'd name this book:  The Forgotten Son.  I'd been a little worried at first, writing a drama, but as I continued my notes and thoughts, it started coming together.  I knew I had another best seller on my hands.


I was so far ahead in my book that I decided to take a trip into town.  When I arrived, I found it amusing to see Donta Shear, Esmeralda's ex-boyfriend.  There break-up had been my fault, of course.  He wasn't real happy about it.

I couldn't resist myself and kind of sneaked behind him. He wasn't very appreciative of it.  However, he did talk to me, which I found amusing.  He must have a good sense of humor like me.  Also, he had a new girlfriend, which is probably why he didn't hate me as much.

I did some errands around town and finally made my way back home.  When I was getting out of my car, I noticed that a new neighbor had just moved in across the road.

I went over to introduce myself and found them to be very friendly.  There names were Romeo and Katarina Montague and they seemed like a very happy couple.

They also had twin sons who were lovingly doted upon. 
This is Ethan Michael Montague.

This is Silas Patrick Montague.  They looked very much alike and were very rambunctious.

I was having a costume party that night and I invited them to come over.  They politely declined, but said they'd definitely come next time.  They were exhausted and still had a lot of unpacking to do.

I invited my family and Esmeralda to the party.  Everyone dressed up and it was going to be a fun night.  I was very happy to see Esmeralda as she'd been working so much lately that we'd barely seen each other.  Right after I gave her a kiss, her phone rang.  She was being called back home to baby-sit.  It was family duty time, so she had to leave.

Thankfully, my family stayed and we had fun playing catch up.  Everyone's costumes were awesome!  The hot dog was Caitlin, Dad was the dog, Mom was a maid, Lynelle was a mermaid and Sophia refused to dress up.  I found out later she'd just forgotten to get a costume.  The costume shop was out of her size by the time she went.  I didn't mind and was just glad she showed up!

Later, Es stopped by again with her little brother in tow.  She apologized for having to leave.  I told her family was more important.  Her family needed her and I understood.  Deep inside, I was very pleased that she felt family was so important.  It made me love her all the more.

She had only come to give a quick apology.  Then, she insisted she needed to scoot and get her brother to bed.  She gave me a hug and kiss and walked down the stairs towards her car.

After I made sure she was safely on her way, I went back inside.  I told the others it was dark enough for the fireworks I had planned.  Unfortunately, a fire ensued. Thankfully, my Mom and I were able to put it out quickly.  Lynelle stood by and watched, which annoyed me a little, but she said she could barely move in her costume.  It did look uncomfortable.

After we cleaned up the mess, we got out the rest of the fireworks and set them off. We all enjoyed them (fire free) and the evening came to a successful end.


Shortly after my party, Esmeralda received a promotion, which gave her more free time.  So, to celebrate, we went on a date.

After our wonderful dinner, we walked around the city.  We encountered a hopscotch board, which I barely even noticed. However, Es saw it and had other ideas.

"Ooo, hopscotch!  I haven't played this in years.  Let's play!" 

"Um...don't you think it is a bit childish?" I asked with a frown.

"What?  Don't think you can do it?" she asked with a sly grin.

"No, I can definitely do it, but it's kind of silly."

"Let's make a bet.  If you win, you get to kiss me," she said with a smile.  "If I win, you get a kiss from me," she whispered the last sentence in my ear, making my heart flip-flop.

"Well, when you put it like that...."

I found the whole thing completely entertaining.  She made me laugh out loud a few times.  Then, she said the whole game was rigged to make her lose.  I rather enjoyed the win, but when she gave me her kiss, I completely forgot about it.  I lost myself in her mouth, smell and the feel of her body against mine.  

I tightened my grip on her, but she pushed me away. "You only won one kiss," she said as she giggled.  "Well, then," I said with all seriousness, "I'm ready for a re-match."

She just laughed and teased me with a kiss on my cheek.  I knew I needed her by my side for the rest of my life.  She was my other half.  I had some thinking to do before I was ready to commit, though.

She insisted we take a picture together to remember the evening; then, I took her home.  

I immediately went to my parent's house to talk to them.  Unfortunately, while I was away, I guess the repo man came and took my grill.  Don't they have any thing better to do with their time?

I talked to my Dad about my idea and he seemed to think it was time.  He patted me on the back and wished me luck.  Dad said Mom wasn't home, so I went out to look for her.

I found her in the middle of a run.  I'm not quite sure why she was wearing her gown, but you don't ask these sort of questions if your family is still a part-time secret agent.  

She also thought it was time and agreed with me.  She couldn't believe what I was doing and almost started crying. She gave me a hug and mumbled "my son is growing up".

Of course, right after I left, she gave this face.  I really hoped she'd retire soon.


I had a plan for the future now.  However, I had to wait for the right timing and I had one more thing I needed to do.  For now, I looked forward to any time Esmeralda and I had together. 

We sent text messages frequently, since work had picked up again for her.  She told me that she really enjoyed them and it always made her day. 

One date that stood out to me in the waiting period, occurred when we went ice skating.  It was freezing outside, but we had a lot of fun!

When we arrived, we talked about our day and she had quite the story to tell.  It must not have been too important as I do not remember it.

In this environment, we were on equal ground.  Neither one of us had ever been ice skating before.  Thankfully, we both fell so often we made each other laugh.

She surprised me with flowers, which I gladly accepted.  She knew I enjoyed the smell of fresh flowers in my office while I worked.  I know, kind of a girly thing, but accept it.

Then, we said our good-bye's before I took her home.  It was an amazing night!


Caitlin and Jeremy invited me over the next day, so I went to visit with them.  We talked for awhile and then I left.  It was nice to see them.  Caitlin sounded like she was going to back off touring.  She was getting tired of it and wanted to stay home a little more.  I was glad!  I wanted to hang out with them more often.  

That night, I decided I wanted to make Es a gift.  So, I went to the local art studio.  The last piece I needed before I could move on with my idea, was staring at me when I got out of my car:  Scot Macklamoor.  

I had tried calling him several times along with stopping by, but he was rarely home.  I guess his job still took him out frequently.  I quickly got to the point and asked his permission to marry Esmeralda.  He just smiled, slapped me on the back and said, "It's about time!"

Boy, I was sure relieved to hear that.  Now, I could start planning things.  I worked hard and made a beautiful necklace for Esmeralda.  It was far from perfect, but I was proud of it and hoped she would love it anyway.

The holidays came quicker than we expected.  I had invited everyone over for a party. Esmeralda couldn't come since she'd be with her family, so she came over before my party started.  I gave her the necklace I'd made for her and she cried.  She gave me my first two books in golden frames for my wall.  Oh, my, it was amazing!

Once she left, I put the final touches around the house.  It was beautifully decorated and was perfect for the party.

My family came and so did Dyno Marks.  We were glad he was able to make it. Grumpo had died a few months before and I know it had hit him hard.  They were very close.  I know Mom had also been sad since they were some of the first people that befriended her when she moved to town.

We talked through out the night and had a grand time.  However, Mom and Dad were starting to worry me.  I could definitely see they were getting older.  Life seemed to go faster the older you got.  

I talked to Lynelle when Mom and Dad were not around.  She had also noticed and was worried.  None of us had spent much time with them lately, so we didn't know.

There wasn't much we could do, of course.  We were very grateful that Mom had finally completely retired.  We both agreed that all of us should visit them more often and keep each other updated.  I just felt there wasn't much time left.  I also needed to get this proposal done faster than I anticipated.

Oh, and sadly, Bridgett Bentley, a paparazzi reporter, froze to death at the party.  I didn't even realize she was around until later.  It was quite the scandal around town for a few days.  I'm not sure why.  It wasn't my fault she was looking in my windows.

The next morning, I decided it was the day I'd been waiting for and I was nervous.  The gorgeous sky gave me the courage to continue.

I invited Es to meet me downtown at the movie theater.  After we saw the current romance flick, I finally popped the question.

She, of course, said YES!

She suggested we go back to my place.  Her siblings were older now and could take care of themselves.  I was very thankful for this as I was ready for her to pay more attention to me.

We went back to my place to celebrate.

Um, we may have gotten a little carried away in our celebration, though.

Before we realized, we woke up in each other's arms and the the sun was coming up.  

*lovesstorm's notes*

Ok, again, sorry it took so long to get this out.  I have plenty to do another chapter, so I'm going to work on that asap.  I'm very excited to be back doing this and so far my game has been playing decent.  :)  Also, my family is doing better, so I can concentrate on this again.

London would NOT stop playing the piano in Egypt.  It was hilarious!  I'd stop him so he could use the bathroom, but as soon as he was done, he started playing the bathroom!  It was humorous!  I just let him play all he wanted.  It was a pretty boring trip.

The paparazzi lady didn't technically die, but I actually thought she was going to.  I've never seen anyone be frozen on the ground like she had been.  I thought was dead, actually, but then she eventually got up, got into the sauna and left.  :))

Romeo and Katarina are from a contest on the forums that I was involved in called "Romeo and Juliet: A reality dating game".  I actually entered Katarina and she ended up marrying Romeo.  I decided to bring them into my game as neighbors for London. He could always use good friends.  ;)

Surprisingly, there were no poses.  Go figure!  :)

I lied, there are two poses.  Sorry.  :(

Jesse Pack by mypalsims
Wedding Pack 2 by Kiddo's Dreams
:) :( ;) :D :-/ :x :P :-* =(( :-O X( :7 B-) #:-S :(( :)) =)) :-B :-c :)] ~X( :-h I-) =D7 @-) :-w 7:P 2):) :!! \m/ :-q :-bd ^#(^


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