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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ramsey Wishacy Gen 2 Heir/Heiress Vote

I need your help to choose the next heir I will follow in my story.  A wishacy is basically a story that the sim creates.  I write about what THEY do with a few rules to guide me (and a little creative writing on my part).

You do NOT need to know the story line or the plot (there isn't really one anyway). There is a synopsis of all four possible heirs below.  Give them quick read and then vote at the bottom of who YOU would like me to follow for Generation 2.  I am VERY excited to see who you will choose for me!

The vote will close on 6/28/14 at 11:59 pm EST.

Caitlin Elisabeth Ramsey
Age:  Young Adult

Food:  Key Lime Pie
Color:  Violet
Music:  Rockabilly

Star Quality

Imaginary Friend:  Jelly Bean
Lifetime Wish:  Vocal Legend

Caitlin is a genius with an attitude.  Her IQ is higher than most, but surprisingly, it doesn't scare anyone away.  She lights up the room with her smile and everyone is drawn to her whether they know her or not.  There is just something about her.  Of course, she isn't perfect.  Her attitude causes issues with her friends at times, but they usually seem quick to forgive her.  

She is a very talented musician who also writes her own music. Her dream is to sing and play her guitar to anyone who will listen.  She would love to get gigs around town and work her way to the top as a Vocal Legend.   Right now, she just gets sing-a-gram jobs around town, but it is a starting point.  

In her spare time, she plays for tips at the park, which is tiring, but she loves it.  She has decided she doesn't need to go to college to achieve her dream.  Many say she has talent, so why go to college?  Her parent's do not agree, but she knows she can reach her goal with determination and hard work.

She does want a family, too.  However, her focus is her dream.  She doesn't think she will have time to focus on romance, commitment and kids.  Will she find a man who does not mind taking a back seat to her dream?  Who will truly love her for who she truly is, attitude and all?  Will he help her achieve her dream of doing what she loves?

London Michael Ramsey
Age:  Teen

Food:  Cookies
Color:  Black
Music:  Indie

Good Sense of Humor
Computer Whiz

Imaginary Friend:  Peep
Lifetime Wish:  Professional Author

London is much quieter than his sister, which his parents appreciate.  He's had a strange life so far due to the bizarre happenings before he was born.  However, that is something he cannot change, so he has come to terms with his skin color.  He has learned that if he makes a big deal out of it, others will, too.  His sense of humor really helps to draw others to him.  He loves cracking jokes and making people laugh.  He reads people well and his humor is all the better for it.  

In front of his computer is his true home.  He's able to hack websites and computers around the world.  At times he even receives money for it.  Shh....don't tell anyone, though.  He can also overclock his computer to help improve the speed and graphics for better game play.  What a computer geek!

His dream, though, is to be a professional writer.  He loves creating stories for others to enjoy and has even written a successful book already.  He wants to start a family, too, but he has to find a lady first.  Since he works from home, he could easily take care of the kids during the day, then write at night.  It would give his wife freedom to get a job, if she so chooses.   

But will he find a woman who will show London that there is more to life than writing and computers?  Who will wriggle their way into his heart?  Who will accept London as he is?

Lynelle Avery Ramsey
Age: Teen

Food:  Vegetarian Grilled Salmon
Color:  Lime
Music:  Dark Wave

Loves the Outdoors
Easily Impressed
Loves the Heat
Green Thumb

Imaginary Friend:  Wiggles
Lifetime Wish:  Either Bottomless Nectar Cellar or The Perfect Garden

Lynelle spends much of her time outside.   Summer is her favorite time of year and she stays outside for hours, even in the heat.  If you watch her closely when she's inside, you may find her body twitch, especially if she hasn't been outside in awhile.  Her imaginary friend, Wiggles, hangs out with her a lot and they do all kinds of things together.  No one else seems to be able to see him, but she doesn't care.  She knows he's real!

She enjoys going down to the beach to fish.  She is storing them up to use for the garden she'll have some day. Once her garden is started, she would like to grow all kinds of plants.  She's still not sure if she wants to start a nectary or if she just wants to concentrate on growing the perfect plants.  Either way, she has plenty of time to decide. She'll enjoy whichever route she takes.

She would like to carry on the Ramsey name with children, but she wants to wait for the right guy.  Will she find a guy who will help her build her garden?  Will she find someone who will enjoy the outside as much as she does?  Who will show her true blossoming love?

Sophia Ivory Ramsey
Age:  Teen

Food:  Pumpkin Pie
Color:  Black
Music:  Songwriter


Imaginary Friend:  Snuggles
Lifetime Wish:  World-Reknowned Surgeon

Sophia is quite different from her twin sister.  While Lynelle loves to spend hours outside, Sophia does not care one way or the other.  She just wants to spend time with her friends.  She always seems to be surrounded by them and if you met her, you'd instantly love her.  

She does tend to get a little too excited at times, but most find this to be an endearing quality.  Her outlook on life is optimistic and she's easily entertained by life.  She enjoys helping others and seems to be a comfort to those around her.

She has a high IQ, but most do not realize it because she doesn't act persnickety.  She feels her intelligence and love for others has naturally led her to become a surgeon.  She'll need to work hard at Uni to get the grades she needs to fulfill her dream.  With courage and grit, she knows she has the strength to succeed.

She also wants to have children to help carry on the Ramsey name.  However, he wants a career first, a guy, then babies. Who will help support her as she helps those around her?  But who will discover her imperfections and still choose to love her?

:) :( ;) :D :-/ :x :P :-* =(( :-O X( :7 B-) #:-S :(( :)) =)) :-B :-c :)] ~X( :-h I-) =D7 @-) :-w 7:P 2):) :!! \m/ :-q :-bd ^#(^


I really appreciate that you spent your time reading my wishacy, I enjoy talking to my readers, so feel free to...

  1. I just had to go with London for my vote X3 I love him too much

    1. I know...he is a cutie! Thanks so very much for voting!! I'm so excited to see what will happen. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Looks like we have a ton of London fans! B-)

  3. Great heirs to choose from! I picked Sophia :-)

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to vote! I love Sophia, too. Of course, I love all of them. ;) She is a fair-skinned beauty, though, isn't she? :D

  4. It was really hard to pick, they all have interesting stories :)

    1. It is hard, isn't it? It was fun writing about everyone, though I have to admit, Sophia has been the hardest for me. I feel kind of bad because I don't think she sounds as interesting, therefore no one is voting for her. =((

    2. Sophia sounds a lot like her mother to me. Honestly, I finally picked London, to me he seems to have the most interesting back story. I also just binge read your legacy and I have only 2 and a half more chapters to go before I'm all caught up XD

    3. I actually had never considered this. I guess she is very similar! Yes, London does have a very interesting story. I just worry his story won't be as interesting as everyone is hoping for... :( .

      I've been binge reading today, too. Now, I'm off to read your story. :D Thanks so much for taking the time to read, comment and vote! :D

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I finally just caught up! :D I love Justine and how great of a big sister that Caitlin is, but London is definitely my favorite! :)
      and thanks.

    6. As I'm writing the next chapter, London is beginning to grow on me. Probably a good thing since he'll be the heir, eh? ;) Thanks for reading and commenting!

    7. A very good thing I would think :). I always love when that happens, when the next heir grows on you I mean. It's my pleasure, I really enjoy your legacy and your writing style. :)

  5. I voted for lynelle but I don't think the poll took it from my phone. My sims name is katty0 :)

    1. I would agree it wasn't counted. I've added one to my list. :D Thanks for letting me know! Thanks for voting, everyone!!!

    2. Oh man! I missed it!! I'm so sorry!!! I really wanted to vote. Can't wait to see who the next heir will be!!